We boost the reliability of your broadband connection by seamlessly switching to your smartphone’s 3G/4G when it fails. The consequences of an outage can be catastrophic. Email stops working, tills can't process payments, you can't complete sales transactions; your business can grind to a halt and on average costs you over £3,000 a year.

How does it work?

  • A small Boosty device plugs into the back of your broadband Wi-Fi router via an ethernet cable
  • A BoostyLink app is installed on one or more smartphones which connect to your broadband router's Wi-Fi as normal
  • When your broadband fails, Boosty seamlessly switches traffic to one of your smartphone's 3G/4G connection, and back when service is restored
  • Your IP address remains the same whether traffic is going over fixed broadband or a smartphone so sessions don't drop
  • Supports up to 16 smartphones in the office

More questions? Please see our FAQs section.

Efficient Mobile Data Use

Boosty uses your smartphone's mobile data sparingly;

  • Only when your broadband connection fails
  • Only when the BoostyLink app is active on your smartphone
  • Only for devices you choose are important to your business e.g. your till, but not guest Wi-Fi
  • Up to a maximum data cap you specify on each smartphone
  • When a data cap is reached, Boosty instantly chooses an alternative smartphone

What do I get?

  • A small Boosty device and quick install guide
  • 12 months' service and support
  • Power supply and Ethernet cable
  • A fixed (static) but shared IP address which allows TCP/UDP port forwarding

Why is Boosty different from other 4G failover solutions?

  • Traffic seamlessly switches over to the smartphone's 4G
  • Constant IP address means current downloads, voice calls etc. carry on working
  • In-bound services will continue to work without interruption
  • Value for money. No need to buy expensive 4G modems and 4G SIMs that are rarely used
  • Only important devices use 4G data, meaning faster speeds / reduced 4G data consumption
  • No tethering required on smartphone, uses normal 4G data
  • Installs in seconds. See a brief installation video

What do I need?

  • A broadband Wi-Fi router with spare Ethernet (LAN) port
  • A power source for your Boosty device; via an unused USB port on your Wi-Fi router, or using the supplied USB power adaptor
  • At least one smartphone (running Android 5 / iOS 8 minimum) running the BoostyLink app, connected to your broadband router's Wi-Fi
  • Good 3G/4G mobile reception and sufficient mobile data allowance to cover any broadband outage
  • A broadband connection running at up to 72Mbps

Boosty is simple to install but in a small number of cases may require some configuration. BoostyLink can be downloaded for Apple iOS smartphones or Android smartphones.

Is Boosty Broadband Resilience right for you?

Boosty's Broadband Resilience solution is designed for businesses with simple network environments and broadband speeds up to 72Mbps. If your business requires faster speeds, a non-shared i.e. fully dedicated IP address, hosts a VPN or has a complex network / firewalls please contact us at

How to buy

Boosty Broadband Resilience is only available through trusted resellers.

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If you'd like to enquire about becoming a reseller please email